Serve in a Ministry "God loves a cheerful giver” (2Cor 9:7)

“God loves a cheerful giver”(2Cor 9:7)that was one of my first assignments when I started to help out in a Ministry. Javier, the leader of the program asked me to please find out that passage in the Bible where it says something about a cheerful giver. Here I go at seventeen looking all over the Bible for the passage. I grew up in Peru, a third world country. At that time, there was no internet available at the office to go online and “google” the passage. It took me a whole morning to find it and when I did find it, I gave the passage to Javier and he said “there you go, remember that”. He didn’t need it, of course he knew where it was but he wanted me to remember that always…and guess what…it worked!

Every time you give out of love you receive more than what you can imagine. We have received the best of treasures: Our Faith and is our responsibility to keep it alive. The Church is a body and as a body has many parts; there are many different ministries to get involved and make Christ present in today’s world. Are you involved in a ministry?

Saint Martin’s has different ministries you can get involved with and that may not even require a lot of your time but to give cheerfully. There are ministries to teach, to serve the homeless and the poor, to help with the liturgy, to deepen in your faith, music ministry, children ministry, youth ministry and many others. The most important part in this task is to remember that even when you think there is no more you can give you can still give. There is love, patience, your witness and many other talents you can give.

To find the ministry that you are most suitable for requires some discernment. God gave each of us gifts that are different from each other and it becomes the richness of the whole community. Saint Catherine of Siena said "If you are what you should be, you will set the whole world on fire!”. This is another one of my favorite Saint’s quotes because it reminds us that our greatness is in becoming what we were born for and to accomplish God’s Plan for us and for the whole humanity. What gifts can you give to the community? I invite you to ask yourself that question to be an agent of reconciliation to help others to learn and love Christ and the Church so that they also may find the answer and the reason for their hope.

One of the things that strike the most to the locals in the cities where World Youth Days takes place is the joy that young Catholics transmit. I remember people going out their balconies in Spain and Rome to see the crowds of young people singing and praying on the streets. Is that same joy that we are to give to others, is the joy that comes up natural from the faith and hope in Jesus Christ who died for us and has risen from the dead. What about you….are you up for the Adventure? 

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