Top 10 Spiritual Running Tips

“I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith”  (2 Timothy 4:7).

1. REMEMBER YOUR RUNNING PARTNER: You are not running this race alone. Christ is running with you. This is what makes it special.

2. RENEW YOUR ARDOR: Commit to practicing your Faith. Start with the basics: Go to Mass on Sundays and if possible go an extra day during the week and try to focus as much as possible in what is going on at Mass.

3. KNOW YOUR WEAKNESS: Choose one issue or area that you like to improve and focus on that alone during this time. For example, be Peaceful while driving, read a spiritual book, stop cussing, etc.

4. WARM UP: Examine your conscience and receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

5. FUEL UP: Receive Jesus in the Eucharist weekly or daily if you can.

6. ADD ON: Choose a virtue to focus on and try to grow more in it.

7. KNOW YOUR FIELD: It is very important to create some silent time for you. For most people, it is hard to be in silence because of noises and distractions. Silence helps us to be in the presence of ourselves and it also helps us to meditate and think about important things in life. You can try giving up something that distracts you like some hours of TV or radio, or try to reduce the time you spend online. Instead, you can listen to other things in the car for example Gregorian chant or a good spiritual audio book. I actually did it one year and it helped me very much to be in the presence of God through all my day!

8. KEEP IT UP: We know that saints didn't become saints in one day. We need to “fight the good fight” and give it our best. The race to become holy is not about how fast you can run but how steadfast you can endure until the end. If you get discouraged, get up, and keep up with your good disposition. Remember that difficulties make us stronger.

9. ENDURANCE: Endurance is extremely important for getting good results. To do this you may want to examine your conscience by asking yourself at the end of the day: what have I “conquered” today? What were my faults? What can I do tomorrow to overcome my weaknesses? 

10. GET A HOLY ATHLETE AS YOUR MODEL: Learn about a new saint. The Church gives us Saints as examples for us on how to “run the race”. Learn about how they were able to overcome their struggles and persevere until the end.

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