“You Don’t Have to Know You Are Dying to Start Living”

A while back I watched a short YouTube video about the life of a seventeen year old who taught the whole world about living. Zach Sobiech was diagnosed with osteosarcoma. As part of his treatment he had about 10 surgeries and many rounds of chemotherapy. In May 2012, the doctors predicted he had a year to live. Zach started to write songs one of them was “Clouds”. He uploaded a video on YouTube which reached more than 3 million viewers. He was able to touch the hearts of many people by finding what is most important in life: a life lived to the fullest. What is it that makes a difference? Love, even when life brings pain and suffering.

October is the month to Pray for Life. It is sad to see how many times Life becomes only an issue losing sight of the gift of Life itself. When we approach the debate about Life we need to remember that our hearts long for the infinite, the good and beautiful and that’s what Life is about.

We need to be aware of today’s confusion to be able to announce and lead others to understand why Life is so important. Part of the problem is that our culture today is a “disposable” culture. Let’s be honest, when we get tired of something or when we feel uncomfortable with something our immediate thought is to dispose of it. It is also a culture of practicality, things need to fit our plans in order to be good...but how many times do we encounter true joy and meaning when we are open to the unexpected?

Why is Life important to you? What have you learned from your own experience? As Zach said “You don’t have to know you are dying to start living.” Let’s celebrate life! Let’s live it to the fullest by loving and sharing the joy that life brings. I think the best way to proclaim the value and dignity of life is through the example of our own lives. Let’s support those who are struggling, who are immersed in the midst of this confusion by standing by their side when they need help to see clearly what life is all about. 

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