Do You Celebrate the Epiphany of the Lord?

When somebody says that people who practice their faith are boring, I always ask myself, who are they talking about? We Catholics celebrate everything! That’s right, we are joyful people. I don’t know if you remember how many feast days we have in the year. For example, we have a saint we celebrate almost every day in our liturgical calendar. There are other days when we celebrate the most important moments in the life of our Lord Jesus Christ and in the life of Mary. These days are even more important; some are called Solemnities and liturgically they are celebrated like a Sunday even when it doesn’t fall on a Sunday.

Today we celebrate the Epiphany of the Lord, the Solemnity that closes the Christmas Season. There are many traditions to celebrate this Solemnity at home. One of them is to place the figures of the three wise men in our mangers at home and to read together the Gospel passage about the Epiphany (Mt 2:1-12). You can also include a Christmas Carol like “We Three Kings of Orient Are.”

Another fun tradition to celebrate the Epiphany, especially with children in the family, is A CHILDREN'S PARTY FOR TWELFTH NIGHT:

“The first idea for our celebration within the family is to try to make vivid for the children the visit of the three Magi. These are such fascinating and mysterious figures, and the whole episode is so dramatic that there are numerous ways in which this can be done. Many families these days give an Epiphany or "Twelfth Night" party at which the traditional dessert is a cake, containing three beans or large nuts. The three people who find the beans in their piece of cake, are hailed as the "Wise Men" and immediately don the most gorgeous robes available. Colorful old drapes become exotic regal apparel, and fine crowns are fashioned from such prosaic materials as round oatmeal boxes covered with aluminum foil. After that the "kings" rule the party for the rest of the afternoon or evening. They choose the games, supervise the refreshments and may demand special favors from their subjects. It may be added that it is important that the hostess plans a program beforehand, especially in the case of small children. Simple place cards with texts from the Epiphany Mass, and meal prayers which include the Epiphany collect, aid in carrying out the theme.”

You can check the website above to find out more ways to celebrate the Epiphany! Remember the most important thing to do: Be Joyful!

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