Are you ready for the Super Bowl?

If you picked up the bulletin at Mass today, I would like to congratulate you. Yes! As a priest once said at a Mass in Denver on Super Bowl Sunday, “We are the faithful ones!” I remember the year the Broncos made it to the Super Bowl, the whole city moved around it and the Cathedral was half empty for Mass.

Isn’t it interesting how excited we can get sometimes that we forget to make room for other things? If you’re a big football fan, getting things ready for the party probably took a lot of your time. You might even be impressed with yourself as to how well you managed to get everything done….I would like to ask you a question….does this happen in your relationship with God?

I like to follow Pope Francis’ tweets and messages on the Pope App. I don’t know if you do, but the other day he said in one of his homilies:

“You’re able to shout when your team scores a goal, and you are not able to sing praises to the Lord? To come out of your shell ever so slightly to sing (His praise)?”

I think the Pope is trying to get us to have a true relationship with the Lord; a relationship that is nourished every day and grows. When we get so excited watching a game, we really get involved shouting and suffering with every move that the players take. We get really into it, we are passionate about it.

When we come to Mass on Sunday, we come together out of love for God. How is your attitude at Mass? Do you get into it? Are you participating with your whole being in the Sacrifice that takes place at every Mass? The Lord Jesus becomes truly present among us, giving Himself to us for our fulfillment so that we can find true joy in this life and eternal life in heaven.

I would like to invite you to “Shout to the Lord” and to be a true disciple. Have a relationship with our Lord Jesus. There is no “game” that is more exciting than living a joyful Christian life!

This article was published on the Sunday Bulletin (February 2, 2014)

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