What are you searching for?

Have you ever experienced one of those sleepless nights when after trying to count sheep, to listen to relaxing music, to read a book or _________ (fill in the blank with your most used method), you just decide to spend some time with Mr. Google and get one of those important questions answered? You know…one of those restless moments?

Have you realized that you are always looking for something? We are seekers by nature. We search for adventure, for meaning, for truth, for happiness…Sometimes we need to try different places and methods to be able to find answers to what we are looking for. But most of the time, we just need to go to the basics and start by acknowledging that we are searching for something else. That it’s OK not to be OK. Sometimes we experience it in a stronger way and sometimes it’s not that obvious.
Getting in touch with ourselves is the beginning of our own search for meaning.

Mr. Google may have answers to a lot of questions but I would suggest trying another search engine. This one is built-in, you don’t even have to have internet access to use it, it’s free and powerful. You can use it at all times and in all places. Yes, that’s right try having a conversation with God, that’s what prayer is. He is always there for you. Oh! and it also helps you to relax on those sleepless nights. What are you searching for?

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