Silence in Friendship

When you have a good friend, the awkwardness of silence goes away. Sometimes silence speaks louder than words and sometimes to be in the presence of the other is enough for true friendship. But how can we apply silence to our relationship with God?

Our relationship with God has, like in any other relationship, a two way communication. Sometimes our encounters with God turn into monologues. This can happen if we are not aware of the need to listen to the other party in the conversation. We need to tune our hearts, minds and actions to be able to listen to God’s voice in our lives. He speaks in a very unique way to each one of us.

Sometimes even when we do our best to listen, we may experience God’s silence. When this happens, we need to remember that He is a close friend who is always with us. He never abandons us, even when He seems silent. Remember, that as with a good friend, sometimes silence speaks louder.

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